Monday, March 20, 2006

Piggies are Pink

A long time ago I promised an introduction to the Piggies.

They've been having too much fun playing hide and seek in my yarn to pose for a family portrait, so I told them they would be fenced out of the yarn stash if they didn't cooperate.

What'd'ya'know it worked.

All five of them clambered right up onto the photo fabric and demanded that pictures be taken.

Right after I got the formal pictures finished, they started demanding yarn to romp in. Realizing a photo opportunity when I had one, I got out all the pink yarn I could find. It is, after all, March.

Don't get between the Piggies and "their" yarn! How many Piggies do you see?

At any rate, I promised actual introductions instead of just the usual pictures.

Mommy Piggy and Poppy Piggy both came from Old Navy at Halloween a couple years ago. Appropriately they're piggy banks. They also happen to glow in the dark. Immediately upon unwrapping them I noticed that they were that particular shade of sickly plastic that should denote something that glows. It took me 6 months to catch them in the act... and when I did, I yelped and nearly jumped off the bed. Peacock responded by laughing at me!

At some point two little ones showed up. I didn't notice any signs of pregnancy, but that's happened with pets before... (ask me about the gerbils if you really want to know!). At some point after that, one more little one arrived. I guess no one told the Piggies that piggies have litters.


At 5:26 PM, Anonymous Leah said...

How cute!!

Both the piggies, and the pink yarn! Yummy!!

At 5:33 PM, Blogger KSD said...

My daughter got 2 of the Old Navy Valentine piggies this year. Maybe we'll have wee ones one day!!!


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