Sunday, March 19, 2006

Leaf Lace Shawl - Completely Finished

I blocked the blue koigu leaf lace shawl during the Knitting Olympics. I appear to have forgotten to post pictures of it. Now is the time to fix that error.

Isn't the puppy cute?
At that particular moment he was watching me wipe puppy slobber on the Boyfriend (he was wearing a grubby sweatshirt that was going to be laundered later that day). There is one fascinating characteristic of this puppy's slobber. It doesn't matter if you've wiped it off or let it dry completely, when you wash your hands the puppy slobber will instantly turn into SLIME. Not just your average slime, but 'oh, my gawd, what did I get on my hands' style SLIME. It's disgusting, but he's just so dang cute we love him anyways (it helps that we wear gloves when feeding him during training sessions).

This one makes it painfully clear just how large the shawl is. When I wear it I keep thinking it probably hangs to barely the middle of my shoulder blades. Of course it looks much smaller when I wrap it around my neck like a scarf. This does not show it off to best advantage, however it is lovely and warm.


At 5:23 AM, Blogger KSD said...

Fantastically gorgeous, Bethieee! Superb job.


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