Friday, February 24, 2006

Leaf Lace Shawl - Blocking

In a fit of productivity this evening, we decided to block my leaf lace shawl at the same time as my Noro Cardigan.

It was all ready, ends woven in and everything quite some time ago, I just hadn't made time to get it blocked... and besides, I was getting a kick out of wearing it as a very textural scarf.
The darn thing's huge! (to make note of the scale, you can see the Noro Cardigan blocking in the background) Unblocked, it was just under two yards along the top edge. Now it's close to eighty inches.

Here's a close up showing the transition the multi color portion at the top and the first of the two predominantly blue bands:

In contrast to the unblocked close up:

I would have loved to be able to draw a comparison between the actual sizes of the two pictures, but I was not thinking that far ahead when the pictures were taken, so I have no clue what the real dimensions of the images are, making direct comparisons impossible. I am planning on making at least one more of these shawls with the same yarn and needles, so I should be able to directly compare this one blocked to the next one before blocking. That will be a fun comparison.


At 12:04 PM, Anonymous Paul said...

wow! The difference there is pretty impressive!


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