Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Here in slightly snowy Seattle, my household had Valentine's day early so that we could attend Knit'n'Knuth on Tuesday night as per the usual. It was lovely. The boyfriend brought roses and we all went out for a steak dinner.

I got a huge box packed to the gills with a balloon, lots of yarn, some gorgeous stitch markers (which were proptly gifted back to Peacock because their iridized hearts looked perfectly like peacock feathers and, well, I love them, but she loves them so much more!), some candy, some tins, 4 bundles of quilting fabric, a mug, a hand-knit washcloth, a heart shaped hole-punch, and a pencil sharpener along with some other interesting paper products.

One of the tins had candy in it, it's missed getting its picture taken because I was busy nibbling on its contents when the staging was done. The other one had a bunch of little things, a bunch of metal buttons with nice fine designs on the front (5 of them plus the piggy's shield makes six and should be enough for the front of a cardigan), an assortment of cute little magnets, and a fimo charm made by Peacock which will be added to my collection of Faire favors.

6 skeins of Mountain Goat from Mountain Colors, 3 each in Red Tail Hawk and Granite Peak. I am so spoiled! No idea what I'll be knitting, but until I decide, I'll enjoy looking at the yarn just as it is.
I think the piggy wants me to make it a hat... too bad piggy, the yarn's all mine!

The other yarn was two different green Manos yarns. Peacock says she was thinking they'd work well together for color work. I'm not sold on that idea, but then her color sense is often much better than mine. My ideas almost always work, but they're rarely edgy. She has a much higher failure rate, but ooh, the wonderful combinations she comes up with.

These are the bundles of quilting fabric, I'm thinking to make little pockets out of them like Peacock did for the Ornamental exchange.

Monday night was spent making cookies to take to the knitting group. I hadn't realized that a pectin jelly candy could be baked into a cookie and come out of the oven relatively unscathed. For comparison, there's an uncooked candy sitting next to the platefull of cooked ones.

It being now officially Valentine's Day and therefore the 14th of February, I have officially failed to qualify for the drawing affiliated with the Jaywalker KAL. This is a sadness, but I'm displeased enough with how my socks fit that I'm not particularly worried about it either. Maybe I'll knit the second one with the edits I proposed earlier and maybe I'll reclaim the yarn for a sock that will get along better with my feet. Either way, I've learned that I like how Grumperina writes patterns in addition to admiring her designs. Odessa is definitely on the short list of patterns I'd like to knit in the near future.

Happy Valentine's Day, may you all be as wonderfully spoiled as I have been!


At 4:59 PM, Blogger Kat said...

I'm with Peacock on the two Manos colours going together for colourwork. I think that they are wonderful together, but probably should not be combined with piggy pink. ;)


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