Thursday, February 09, 2006

SYNO - Forbes Forest Finished, Sent, Arrived

Well, it was 3 months late, but the scarf is finished, and has been received by MellowTrouble who has been very understanding. Here's the final product being modeled by the puppy:

And a pair of close up to demonstrate that blocking is a wonderful thing. I must admit I was incredulous, I even wrote a note to my recipient after knitting most of a ball of the yarn to ask her if I should rip it out and start over. She reassured me that all my problems would be resolved with a quick soak in warm water and being pinned out to dry.

Before blocking:

and After:

I suppose I should have believed all the people who were telling me that blocking was a wonderful tool to have in a knitter's bag of tricks. I'm a little slow, but I believe them now.


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