Saturday, January 21, 2006

CandyCane Hat - Finished

I finished the CandyCane Hat!
The knitting was finished before we went away for Christmas.
The finishing... just last week.
The incentive, you ask? Friends with a brand new little one in Boston.

The piggies say the hat is theirs!

I had some trouble with the pattern, and got some help from the lovely folks at the Handknit Holidays KAL, but it didn't really help. Look at the picture.

See how where the crown shaping starts, the spirals seem to go straight up a bit? They really do that and kind-of even reverse direction on the crown of the hat. While I have come to terms with the idea that the hat does this on purpose, it is not what I was expecting.
I do, have to agree that it probably looks better this way than it would have if the spirals had gotten steeper as they went onto the crown of the hat. It really is a cute hat and a wonderful easy first project for stranded knitting.

I hope the piggies let me send it to the baby. Maybe I need to knit them something of their very own so they stop stealing my knitted stuff.


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