Monday, January 02, 2006

Ornamental - Received

I got home from the bout of Christmas traveling and was delegated to go to the post office to pick up the mail. At the post office I found my Ornamental Exchange package!
YAY !!!

Some of the candy ran away before I could take its picture, hence the empty wrapper. The sheepy jelly bean dispenser is terribly cute, disturbing, but cute.
The ornament is a lovely knit sweater with a beaded wire hanger.

Unfortunately the piggies stole the sweater and took it off to play.

The parent piggies were kind enough to help me get the sweater back from on high.

Ooh, you haven't met the piggies yet. Don't worry, they'll be back.


At 10:04 PM, Blogger eve knits said...

I'm so glad you like your ornament :)). Have a great holiday!!

At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Rox said...

"the grumpy party pooper"?

LOLOL!!! Crack me up!!

The piggies - nothing but trouble makers!

At 11:12 AM, Blogger bethieee said...

Yup, the grumpy party pooper.


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