Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year !!!

Happy New Year Peoples !!!
I'm still at home....
In theory I'm going out tonight, but I'm just slothful enough it might never happen.

I just got my bestest New Year's present ever.
It's in your line of sight at this very moment.
Can you find it?

Drop me an email before midnight on 1+2+3 (which is, in standard date notation, 1/3/06) telling me what my New Year's present was and who made it for me. There will be a prize. If you get it right, I'll put your name into a hat for the random selection of who gets the prize. If there's only one right answer, you get the prize.

Legalese: Only one prize will be awarded. Play as many times as you like. Only the first correct answer from each entrant will be included in the prize selection process. People who live in my house cannot play. People directly invloved in the production of this feature and their families cannot play. Puppies cannot type. The drawing will be done from a hat, I will not use a mixing bowl. Email should be sent to onmyneedles at yahoo dot com.


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