Saturday, December 17, 2005

More Packages... or SET Received Reprise

Earlier this month, I think the week before my speech final was due, I received another package. This one was from Kim, my SET knitter. It was a soft envelope, so I assumed that there was noting in it but knitting. I was wrong, but more on that later...
Boo !!!

Eeep !!!
After she sent me the embryonic handpuppets, she kindly insisted on knitting something else for me, so she could ensure that I'd had a good experience with the sock exchange thingy.
After much banter, it was decided that she would knit me a scarf using some yarn that I'd had in my stash for years. The yarn in question was alpaca from the Australian Yarn Company, I think the colors were 986 and 987.
When I sent her the yarn, I sent her a copy of Sally Melville's pattern from Scarf Style, the triangle with tails, as a jumping off point. Having not knit the pattern myself, I cannot say if she followed the pattern exactly.

What I got back from her was a lovely scarf in garter stitch where the two colors of yarn were striped every couple of rows. I'd sent her two balls of the darker color and one of the lighter color, so I think there were 2 rows dark to every 1 row light. There was a crochet chain all the way around it which gives the edges a stability that I am unaccustomed to in a scarf. It drapes perfectly around my shoulders and will be being added to my RennFaire garb as a shoulder warmer since I have nothing currently that fills that position. Now I just need to find a pin or some such to hold it closed... ooh, I already have some penanular brooches from an SCA event a few years back.

And now, enough with the talk, here's the scarf...

The lovely thing you see in the picture is a cup and saucer with butterflies on them. They're gorgeous! I'm astounded that Kim was willing to send them through the post without an exoskeleton of some sort, in other words, a box, but they got here in one piece (thank goodness) and I adore both them and the scarf.


At 6:32 AM, Blogger KSD said...

"Embryonic" puppets! LOVE it!!

(And you and I are both astounded that the cup and saucer made it unbroken! Truth be told, I was out of boxes at the time.)


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