Saturday, December 17, 2005


I've been a busy Bethieee and not posting (or knitting) as often as I would like.
(Are we noticing a pattern here?)

But a while ago, shortly after Thanksgiving, I got a box.

Peacock told me I had a box from Mia while I was at work and was kind enough not to open it before I got home, so I got to do it.
Guess what I found inside...

Hiding under the brownies were some fantastic chocolate chocolate chip cookies, some brown fudge and some fascinating white fudge with cranberries (?) and nuts.

We ate some of them right away...
My appologies for the picture, the brownies really were excellent, it's just really hard to get a decent picture of someone eating something.

And this is the current state of the tin.
No I will not tell you when it originally got this way.
Suffice it to say, it took longer than a wink and not nearly as long as it should have.
What can I say, they were yummy...


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