Wednesday, November 30, 2005

KAL Updates

As you will soon be able to see from my sidebar, I've been on a Knitalong kick the last few days. The good news is that all of the new ones are projects that I'd already chosen to make, and for many of them, I'd already been working on for one reason or another.

Here's the status report:

Warm Hands
I'm doing this one slightly differently. I started making a 2x2 ribbed sock out of some lovely green Lorna's Laces sock yarn. (This is the same yarn that was briefly the cursed socks from late August) When I finished the sock, without any major mishaps, it looked to me like I'd have enough to make matching wristwarmers.

So, when I'm done with this KAL, I'll have both warm hands and warm feet... or rather Peacock will have warm hands and I'll have warm feet!

As you can see, one handwarmer is finished. It's a little baggy because the basket weave on the hand portion has almost no elasticity... it's more like stockinette than ribbing. (and since Peacock is going to be the recipient and I sized them for me, they're also a little big)
The other concern I have is that I did not sufficiently plan the intersection of the thumb opening and the basket weave pattern. So on this first warmie, I have an odd spot in the stitch pattern right next to the thumb opening. It's annoying me. Peacock says that I'm being way too persnickety.

Handknit Holdiays:
Yarn purchased for a candycane hat. Cascade 220 in red and white.
Probably start date this weekend.

First sock begun one week before I found the KAL. Worked toe-up, (my new favorite method), with Trekking XXL color 76. I'm to the heel having made the gusset a little too long and will be pulling two rows back out then starting the heel flap.

I'm still plugging along on my SYNO scarf. My poor recipient has been very understanding about my tardiness, but I still feel bad.

Contrary to what the picture would have you believe, I'm into the 5th ball of yarn. I should definitely be able to get her scarf to her before Christmas. Forbes Forest has been fun, however, as long wide scarves often do, this one has gotten a bit bulky to be good purse knitting and so progress has slowed. I am, however dedicated to working on it at class and Tuesday's stitch'n'bitch.

I've made test ornaments and now know what I am sending to my partner for this swap. I am not actually finished making the real ones (I love the prototypes too much to send them away...), but they will be something like this:

They're really easy to make. I love the process.
1) Convince roomate to card together star colored bats for me. I could have done this step myself, but she was kind enough to do it for me and her color sense is spot on. She was also making flower parts for me at the same time.
2) Layer fluff into cookie cutter and needle felt.
3) Turn over, add more fluff, needle.
4) Repeat until finished.
5) Thread ribbon through one of the points and knot to form hanging loop.
6) Show off nifty new ornament.


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