Sunday, December 18, 2005

SET - Finished, Sent, and Received (eons ago)

I have an outdated object to brag about.

My sock exchange thingy socks were finished quite some time ago... like early October.
A month later, Snooze posted a wonderfully ebullient post about the socks when she received them in early November.
I forgot to post about them for more than a month after that. Which is to say, until now.

These socks were a wonderfully quick to knit out of Noro's Kureyon, from the toe up with a pattern on the leg of my own devising. It most closely resembles a basket weave, though it's different than most I've found labeled as such in the stitch-dictionaries.

It's very simple.
Just two rows k2p2 rib, two rows stockinette, two rows p2k2 rib, two rows stockinette.
Repeat ad nauseum.

This stitch pattern appears to be an obsession because I'm using it on almost everything I design myself lately, case in point, my lovely green wristies. I hope I get over it before I do something truly unfortunate.


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