Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Jaywalker KAL - One Sock Done

I have one of my Jaywalker socks finished.
Completely finished, off the needles, done. The ends are not yet woven in, but that's because I'm thinking about pulling it back out.

Why am I thinking of doing such a thing, you ask?

Because it's too tight! It pulls funny on the leg section and it's quite difficult to get on over my heel. The foot fits fine, it's wonderful in fact, I just can't seem to get the rest of it to cooperate.

It really is off the needles, I swear. I toyed about with skipping the ribbing on the top edge, but realized that if I did it would curl down my leg rather unfortunately, so a ribbed cuff has been added and the sock cast off.

Perhaps this trouble with the fit is all my fault for playing fast and loose with the pattern, knitting it upside down, and removing one stitch from the pattern rows in order to make it smaller, but I'm not entirely convinced. What I'm thinking is that I'll make the second one the same way up to the heel and then, I'll add that stitch I removed back into the pattern on two of the needles. I'm thinking that should probably done on the back two so the pattern can continue uninterrupted up the front of the sock and see if it fits better. If it does, I'll rip this one back to the heel and re-do the cuff.

Or maybe the Jaywalker gods will smite me for mucking about with the sock pattern that people who hate socks love.

Here's the sock and me waiting in line for Space Mountain at Disneyland. We went on that ride 3 times that day. It was quite fun. Every other time I'd been to Disneyland, Space Mountain had been under remont (translation: closed for repairs). I'm not sure why this made me desire to ride it as many times as possible, but it was fun.

Or maybe it's because I was sick and not up to walking all over the park. Waiting in line for most of the day gave me lots of time to knit and a fair bit of time to sit, right up my alley. I did tell Peacock a few times that, "If I were home, I'd be in bed," and sadly enough, I had no energy for the emphasis that conveying an exclamation point would have required. So when people went over to the California Adventure to ride some of the other rides, I sat down on Main Street to wait for the parades to come to me. (remember those trees I tried to claim I decorated for Christmas?)


At 7:15 PM, Blogger KSD said...

I'm thinking the piggy has hexed the sock in some way. Those little guys can be very sneaky. . .

At 2:13 PM, Blogger Karen said...

I knit on my first pair of Jaywalkers at Disneyland waiting in many, many lines around Christmas as well! (Especially Space Mountain!) We must have just missed each other. I had the same problem as you with my socks being a little (read, a lot) snug going over the heel. The way I solved it was not to decrease down the gussets as often at first. That way I left a little bit more room around the heel. Clear as mud? Anyway it worked for me (especially on the second pair when I didn't have to frog it 10 times to figure it out).


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