Thursday, February 09, 2006

(Chinese) New Year's Postcard Swap

Apparently today is swap update day, this is the third swap related post I've written.

I took part in MyLittleMochi's New Years Post Card Swap. My post cards all went out before Chinese New Years (as per the rules). And here's the obligatory representative sample:

Each one looked pretty much like this one, but in different colors, no two alike. The fabrics were all hand dyed by either Peacock or me while we were in school at UW. The puppy is an inkjet print coated with acrylic medium, for water resistance. He's our pup, a picture taken in the back yard sometime in 2005. The backing is cardstock. They were held together with fusible glue, I don't remember the brand. I was incredulous that you could use iron-on glue with paper, but it seemed to work quite well... r-e-c-i-p-i-e-n-t-s, did they get there in one piece?

As for the postcards I was sent, I have received eight of the ten I was expecting Hopefully the remaining two are coming from somewhere far away and will arrive soon. I was trying to wait until all had arrived, but I've decided it's time to post the ones I have, the others will be added when they get here. The cards are posted in (roughly) the order in which they arrived. I love the ingenuity each and every cardmaker showed in their designs.

The first one arrived from big_girlfeet and contained a wonderfully cute felt coin purse of the same design as the puppy on the card

This very stylized puppy, from Renee, came in almost a week later (the USPS works in mysterious ways).

The watercolored puppy with the spindly legs came from Jennie.

Skapande sent cards made with wallpaper.

Sarah sent out little felt terriers on a blue ground.

The scotty dog with the deco borders was sent by Moki.

Robayre sent a purple and yellow card with a row of gathered fabric roundells running up one side. The bottom one was run through the post office's cancelling machine and has wavy stripes of black ink on it. It took me awhile to realize what'd happened, but when I did, I laughed.

Karyn sent out a dachsund on a maple leaf background with a ribbon as a simulated stamp.

And that's about it, with 3 minutes 'till I have to go back and change the first line about what day it is, I suppose I'll sign off... It's been quite a lot of fun.


At 3:50 PM, Anonymous Rox said...

I love LOVE those postcards. Can't even imagine the talent all of you must have to create them. I almost joined that - and then I felt intimidated! For good reason obviously - beautiful stuff

At 11:18 PM, Blogger Peacock said...

For those who might have missed it... (I did until Bethieee pointed it out to me...)

Each letter in the word "Recipients" is a seperate link to one of the recipients' blogs!! WTF?! Is this brilliance or insanity?!


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