Sunday, March 05, 2006

Olympic Pyrite

A rather opaque title, I realize, however I find it amusing.

My Scoop Neck Cardigan was my project for the UFOlympics. I did not get it completely finished before the end of the olympics, I did, however put it into a sweater shaped conglomeration of parts and Natalie was kind enough to award me a bronze medal for climbing over the psychological hump that's been keeping me from finishing this sweater for the last few years.

At this point I am competing for a Fools Gold (or pyrite) medal. I started my olympic work on this project on February 19th. If I finish it completely by this Tuesday, March 7th, I will have completed it in 16 days, just not the right 16 days...

I have all the seaming done, have completed the crochetted edgings, and have the first (of 9) buttons attached. This should be completely do-able. Now I just need to do it! Maybe I'll get it done in time to wear it to a friend's birthday dinner.

Yummy... sushi... I'm pleased, my roomates, not so much... they'll be having teriyaki


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