Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tivoli - setbacks

I've gotten to the waist on my Tivoli. So, good little knitter that I am, I tried it on. And that's where the fun began.

I have a larger than average hipspring and broad shoulders. In other words, if I want to show off my waist, what I consider one of my better features, I often need to take in my shirts, or buy knit ones that are actually too small across the shoulders. This is much easier to get away with in a tank top, so really most of the year I give up.
I put on the tivoli, looked in the mirror and what did I see? 3 extra inches of fabric around my waist.

The chest and shoulders fit me fabulously. I'm not sure the neckline is the best shape for me, but it is what I was expecting and aiming for, so I am pleased.

Between the fingers of my right hand the fabric of the top is tripled... I need to rip back to the chest so I can start the decreases higher up and add 5 decrease rows in addition to the ones called for in the pattern. This is going to be my first time modifying a pattern this extensively and I'm petrified, but what's the worst that can happen. I'll already have ripped it out once, what's pulling it out again, right?

I thought sweaters were supposed to get bigger when you worked on them...
Maybe I'll just pull this one out completely and work on it again later...


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