Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I've arrived...

And the move continues.

I've been setting up house in Winchester, VA for just over one week now. My mother left yesterday. Her help was invaluable. In one week, we are at least 3 and probably 4 weeks into the time I estimate unpacking on my own would have taken. I am very grateful.

I just got the key to my mailbox from the USPS today, so I can now receive mail. If you did not receive my new contact information and would like it, send me an email and I'll remedy my oversight.

Not much knitting going on here. I think I already mentioned that I finished the feather and fan shawl. It's lovely. Not blocked yet, but lovely. Sometime soon I will block it (using my new blocking wires) and then I will post its picture. (after I find the digicam).

The knitting I have been doing is the first piece of a new sweater. The pattern is Pointsettia, the wrap sweater on the coverr of the most recent KnitScene. I've substituted Nashua's Creative Focus Worsted for Classic Elite's Princess called for in the pattern. Mostly that was a price consideration. I also wound up flipping the two colors. I did not set out to use the same colors the pattern called for, but I picked purple as the main color and then a lovely maroon was the only color that worked with both my color preferences and the purple I'd already picked out.

Again pictures to follow later... It is such a bother trying to find things I know I packed. I'm down to maybe 15 boxes of things to unpack, but at this point, except for the 5 more boxes of books that won't fit on my bookshelves, all the boxes are labeled "stuff". While this label is not uninformative, for instance I know they're not completely filled with clothes, it doesn't really give me much to go on as there are quite likely some clothes in the box. I find clothes a wonderful stand in for tissue paper at times when tissue paper is just not readily available.

Hopefully pictures will follow soon.
And, if not, then they'll follow later.
There will be pictures eventually.


At 7:18 PM, Blogger KSD said...

So glad you're there safely. Welcome to the eastern half of the country!

At 11:46 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

VA is one of my favorite states! So glad you made it there safely and had some help from your mother. Looking forward to pics...


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