Friday, July 21, 2006

The Move Has Begun

Well, my father and I left Gilroy this morning to drive to Nevada.
This means we arrived at Grandmother's house mid-afternoon and had the rest of the day to pack stuff up in the house and get it into the car.
We are, actually mostly done and will be headed north to Seattle tomorrow morning.

Knitting is largely at a standstill.
I finished my grey feather and fan lace shawl last Monday while taking 3 days to just sit at a friend's house.
My acid green wristies needed to have another couple inches ripped out. (I'd put the thumb hole up too far and so the second one was obviously longer than the first one).
A suprise present has been started and finished and now only needs its ends woven in before it gets given away when I'm in Seattle.
And really that's about it.
Oh, there's half a sock that I carry around in my purse. I do a round or two on it every couple days, but it's not growing quickly enough to make me happy.

It would grow faster if I knit more.
But that's true of all my projects.


At 10:48 AM, Blogger KSD said...

Be safe, be happy, and knit away!


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