Thursday, August 24, 2006

Starting Ticovoli

I spent about 3 hours this evening (from 11:00 to 2:00 in the morning, as a matter of fact) organizing my stash. (Yes, I know I should be sleeping and not composing this post, but I don't have orientation tomorrow, I just need to open the door for the rug delivery and then I can go back to sleep)

I don't actually know what all I have or where everything is, but there has been progress. See instead of having a closet full (well, not quite full...) of yarn in boxes that were last touched by me before it was loaded into a moving van, driven cross country and unloaded by someone other than me and placed randomly into the closet, now I have a closet full of yarn in boxes that I have taken out, looked into, loosely grouped by either type or project status or fiber content or something and placed back into the closet. This makes it much more likely that when I want something my lizard brain will be able to walk me to the closet, move some boxes around and magically have me in the right general vicinity of the yarn that I was looking for.

While I was doing this I was thinking about projects to start (because I need another project, of course... speaking of other projects, I want to get everything photographed for next year's flash your stash (yes, I'd need to start this far ahead of things if I were even going to attempt it), and while I'm at it I might as well photograph all my UFO's and confess their chances of being seen through to completion, but I digress...).

Specifically I was thinking about the tank top from one skein. I have a skein of Lorna's Laces lace yarn. The only problem is that it's in a colorway that I'm not convinced would work well double stranded (Black Purl)...

Luckily, when I was sorting things, I found a number of skeins of Malabrigo lace-weight wool. I wound up deciding to use two strands of Paris Nights (mostly grey, only slightly varegaited, no clue about undertones (my lighting in here is really bad)). I started doing my gauge swatch and was thinking about adding waist shaping and then I realized that I might be able to get gauge for either picovoli or ticovoli (both Grumperina's, I saved the various ticovoli patterns before picovoli was released). I've been meaning to get around to making one (or more) of these for a good long time now, and why not do it with doubled lace-weight... so long as I can get gauge...

I got gauge...
And I'm thinking the 37" ticovoli is the best choice. Given how my gauge swatch looks I don't want too much negative ease (it gets downright see-through if pulled laterally too much).

Like I need another sweater on the needles...
Here goes nothin'
I'm casting on tonight (if I'm not too tired to count a gross of stitches (a dozen dozen... CO 144 sts...))


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