Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Secret Pal Box

So I've been stuck without network at home for far too long (it's been just about 8 days since my last post and seems like forever).
Orientation week at school has come and gone, and it seems like in the press not to overwhelm us they left out some important tidbits (like the fact that we have lockers upstairs hidden just off one of the main hallways...).
The first week of school has come and gone. It seems to have gone reasonably well. My showing on the first couple quizzes seems reasonable. Not a reason to slack off in any way, but not the smashing of hopes I was irrationally expecting.
My first day at work has come and gone. I'm working at a yarn shop in town, Never Enough Yarn. Cute shop. They're new this year, weren't here when I came out for the interview before Christmas, but I like the proprietor and her husband and the other lady that works for them and they let me touch the yarn... what more could I ask?
The best news of the school year I just got yesterday. There's a local festival here for which we get a day off school. The local thing is always the same weekend as Maryland Sheep and Wool, so I may not make it to the local festival because I'm going to be up the road with all the other fiber geeks!

And on to the actual topic of this post.
Out of a combination of not being able to get my computer to talk to my camera and generally being an overwhelmed flake I didn't get a thank you post up for the box my secret pal sent me awhile after I moved into the new place.
There were numerous skeins of yarn (one of which I tried to make into a Ruffle Cravat.. that attempt failed because I misread the ball band, pattern calls for 3 sts/in, this yarn gets 2... I got a very short wide neckwarmer, so I pulled it back out). The book One Skein which I'd been eyeing, but had decided I really couldn't rationalize buying for myself. I'm so thrilled to have a copy of the book. I love it. There's a couple more patterns I'd like to make for myself or others and at the moment I'm on a bit of a Ruffle Cravat kick having finished 2 of them for various people I think will appreciate them.
More details on the balls of yarn will have to wait as I'm sitting in a computer lab at school
and I don't remember them all, but they were yummy. A handful of pretty fuzzy yarns and a book that calls for one skein per project, I don't think there is a better combination. Until you add in the tea. She sent me some wonderful black tea to help fill my tea cupboard to overflowing. I have more tea in my kitchen than I have chocolate and I have more chocolate than I have cereal... I'm amused at this display of my priorities and it's even been cool enough the last couple days for me to make a jug of tea in the morning to bring to school with me.

So, Thank you wonderful secret pal, I can't wait to find out who you are!


At 6:19 AM, Blogger Mia said...

You work at a yarn store??? Lucky you! One Skein is such a cool book. I got my copy from my secret pal too :)


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