Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Forgetful Bethieee...

I apparently had forgotten about signing up for the SockWars.
It started today. I'm already behind having no yarn picked and therefore no socks started.

So, I will be knitting socks for Socktoberfest.
I'll be starting them a bit early and we'll see how long I survive, but there will be socks... so long as I don't wind up dead before this Sunday, I suppose it could happen. Some people knit astoundingly fast..

In other news, I've been looking through my stash to find yarn. And I've found a couple more half pairs of socks in various stages of completion. This whole fessing up to how many socks I have on the needles is beginning to seem like not such a red hot idea any more...
But I'm going to do it anyways.


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