Friday, June 30, 2006

Still here... mostly

Hey all,
Things here are still not settled down to a point where I really think about anything else but how to get from here to July 15th.
Things are not okay.
I will be.
When things settle down.
Until then I need to post more often regardless.
Hopefully I will be able to come up with something more cheery and interesting than how, as I turn the page from this chapter of my life to the next, the page shatters in my hand.
Love and Hugs,

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Up in the air

Still here.
Still breathing.
Still no time to write posts.

I received a bunch of things.
Including my sockapaloooza socks (thank you angel), my sp7's last box, a gifty from my sp7 recipient, a birthday present from handeyecrafts, a birthday present from mia, a postcard from Peacock, my first sp8 box and more.

I mailed a handful of things.
My sp8's first box, various packages for Peacock.

I still need to mail a bunch of things.
Sock yarn for June, transcripts for school, other assorted paperwork for school, my little sister's birthday present (a month early to make sure it's not late!).

I still need to post about a bunch of things.
All the packages I received (you all are wonderful and patient, I'm very sorry I've not posted in more detail in a more timely manner, you are not forgotten), the NWRSA conference and exchange projects the new one and the old one, the knitting I've been doing for myself and the shop.

(oh, bother.. I think the martian mountain cow project escaped before it got photographed... oh, well, a description will need to suffice as I do not remember the recipient's name... (recipient: if you've started reading this blog, would you be willing to send me a picture of the pieces you received?.. thanks))

I hope things will settle down here a bit.
They may be doing just that.
They may not be.
Please forgive my quietness.
If you need a response about something, please don't hesitate to email me.