Friday, April 20, 2007

Still knitting

*pokes head up from the hole I apparently fell into*

I've been knitting...
Doing a fair bit of it, in fact. Mostly in class.
What I haven't been doing, is finishing anything.
I think..

There are tickles in my brain of things that I'm done knitting, though I don't know that I wove the ends in.
Ooh, and the two things that I finished and gave away to Kappa Psi (fraternity) brothers.
But mostly, I've just been knitting, and getting distracted and starting new projects.

On the needles currently:
2nd sock of the trecking socks that had the first sock finished 2.5 times before actually being satisfactory on iteration 3.
Purple Koigu socks for a friend at home.
Tatami from Sundara in a lovely blacked purple.
Various and sundry other projects in various stages of being completely forgotten.

(Happy Kat? You asked, I posted.. So, neah!)



At 6:19 PM, Blogger Quail Hill Knits said...

I can relate to your situation. I always seem to have a project going but it is difficult to get them finished. Probably because I never seem to choose anything simple. I look at other blogs and simetimes wonder how they complete so many large projects. Oh well, the important think is to keep knitting.


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