Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Links.. and knitted ornaments

The raglan pullover agreement is hilarious.

The little cork elves are terribly cute. My mother thinks the korknisser are scary.

The jingle bell buns are also terribly cute.

I am unlikely to make either of the ornaments. Much as I might like to. I find knitted ornaments are great fun worked up free form. This is what I did for my ornamental pal (they also make great kitty toys, just ask my kitty!)

Bethieee's ornament recipe:

Decide how many sides you want your ornament to have.
Cast on that many stitches (I suggest between 3 and 5).
Increase however you want until you get bored or are worried you won't have enough yarn to finish the ornament (I use the little samples from the yarn of the month club so running out is a very real possibility)
Decrease however you want, remembering to pause and stuff the bottom half of the ornament at some point while you can still get your finger into the ornament to manipulate the stuffing (ask me how I know this is important...)
When you have the same number of stitches as you did when you started, work i-cord until you have enough to make a little loop.
Thread yarn through stitches to "bind off".
Sew i-cord tail into loop, weave in other end.
Hang from tree merrily.
Retrieve from cat.
Repeat last two steps ad infinitum.

This is rather more detailed than my recipe for squash and pumpkin soup.

Muppet's pumpkin soup recipe:
(Forewarned, if this is made too early in the fall, people in the cafeteria look at you funny and wonder why you're eating pumpkin pie in September. The looks get funnier when they determine you must have run the pie through a blender. Explaining that it's soup doesn't help much, they still look confused.)

1 can pumpkin
1 butternut squash, chunked
1 can coconut milk
some water
some cinnamon, salt, pepper, ginger, cumin and cloves

On medium heat, cook pumpkin, squash and enough water that it doesn't burn until the squash is squishy.
Add coconut milk, salt, pepper and spices until it tastes right. (more cinnamon than salt, more salt than any of the other spices... yeah, helpful, I know..)
Stir together and cook on low heat for a bit.
Squish squash or puree, your choice (I prefer mine slightly chunky)

I'll know in about a week if this recipe freezes well. Tonights leftovers are in the freezer. I'll probably eat them early next month.


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