Monday, October 23, 2006

Socktoberfest Sock Accounting

Pairs completed: 2
Burgundy Rowan Wool-Cotton for SockWars (my target is dead)
Varegaited verdigris green and browns Socks That Rock using the SockWars pattern adjusted to 60 stitches. An out of date picture. They're done, I swear, I even wore them at school (after kitchenering the toes during my first class that day).

Socks begun:
Green Lorna's Laces, 4x1 rib, most of one sock was done before, ripped it out and started anew.
Blue Green Jaeger, SockWars socks - my target's target went AWOL, so I'm knitting for her target.

Socks due for completion:
Grey Regia Silk, rib pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks (anyone willing to make me a copy of that pattern? I loaned my book to a friend in Seattle and need to get it back from him still. I'd let you know what the rib count was, but I can't actually find the sock... Bother!)

Socks ripped:
Green Lorna's Laces, 2x2 rib.

Red Trekking, Jaywalker, converted pattern to toe-up, never liked how it fit.

Pink Bearfoot, Fancy Silk Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks, leftover from the Knitting Olympics and Sockapaloooza. This is the one that was too big even for my rather wide feet.

All three of those lovely, mostly completed socks, have now returned to being balls of yarn! Yay, new beginnings, possibilities, hope!
Or maybe I just have a terminal case of second sock syndrome...

Socks whose fate has not yet been decided:
Blue and purple, toe-up stockinette, from Karen for naming her fiber room "The Stitchery", I love the yarn, I'm just bored of the knitting and am not really fond of the magic loop.


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