Thursday, October 05, 2006

SP 8 Reveal

I got a wonderful last box from my SP8.
It came in just over a week ago and I've been overwhelmed since then.
So, better late than never, here we go.
My fabulously understanding Secret Pal was none other than The Wool Princess who lives over at Hand over the Wool!

For the last box she sent me:
Some lovely Ashland Bay fiber in a color that is bluer than it looks in this picture.
A Burt's Bees sampler pack. I've been lusting after these for so long and never quite justifying picking one up for myself. Thank you wonderful Wool Princess.
A copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting. It's a book I already have, (but may still have on my Amazon wishlist... I should go update that), but definitely a book I don't mind having an extra copy of. It's a perfect gift for people you've just taught to knit and I seem to be starting a collection of those. There's the boy back home who was taught by committee, there's one classmate, and another two or three classmates who have expressed interest. .

This last box was not as impressive on the yarn front as the second one that I raved about a while ago before I'd figured out how to get my camera to talk to my computer. Here's the absolutely fabulous second box she sent to me.

A copy of OneSkeing and a truly impressive assortment of onese and twoses of ballses of yarnses. (okay, maybe I need to go to bed early tonight, it's nowhere near late enough to warrant that level of (un)grammatical silliness).
The blue linen got made into 2/3rds of a handtowel and was ripped out last night while watching Grey's Anatomy. My classmates were appalled that I'd pulled something out... how much they have to learn.
The white puffy stuff was Blizzard and I was making it into the ruffled cravat from OneSkein, but misread the gauge so I ran out of yarn when I had roughly five-eights of a scarf. It too has returned to being a ball of yarn. I did, however fall in love with the pattern. I've made 3 and 5/8 of them this fall!
But they deserve their own post, later.


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