Thursday, October 05, 2006


My sockwars socks are finished. They will go out in the mail today after school and from there I'm not really sure what will happen next.
I'm just happy that I got mine finished and mailed before I got dead.
Yay, bounce...

I really enjoyed the rib pattern, very simple, almost mindless but looks like much more once it starts flowing out behind your needles.
Unfortunately the box is packed and taped and I forgot to take pictures! Silly monkey!
I used Rowan's Wool Cotton in a dark red/purple that I had in the stash from a project that failed to come together as I'd expected it to. I enjoyed working with the yarn more than I expected, though there's no way I'd be able to use socks made out of it for anything other than slippers. This is a frequent problem for me, comes from having wide feet.

And now, back to Icarus and Poinsettia.
Over the weekend I will start the great Socktoberfest Stash Show.
The first step is actually finding my sock yarn... oy...


At 4:28 AM, Blogger KSD said...

The exact rules of Sock Wars engagement aren't clear to me, but I am also glad that you got yours sent away before you got dead!


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