Thursday, June 07, 2007

Socks.. or rather Yarn!

I have picked yarn for my sockapalooza socks.
I still haven't picked a pattern. Bother. I can default to one of my oldy but goodies, but I don't want to.. I want to try something new and interesting.

Unfortunately, at the moment, I'm scared of doing that.
I'm making a pair of socks for a friend that I realized a couple weeks ago at knitting group may well be far too large. Next week, I'll have her try on one of my finished socks to see if I need/want to pull hers all the back to a ball of yarn. Eek.

The other reason this may well happen is because I'm going to run out of yarn well before the toe, but could probably stretch it to something that looked reasonable if I did contrasting cuff, heel and toe. This obviously involves ripping back to re-do the cuff. I think I've already actually made a decision and will be ripping this sock. Whee... Good thing I'm a process knitter, right?


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