Sunday, April 29, 2007


I should be studying anatomy for the final tomorrow. But I don't want to. So instead I'm updating my blog on the progress (or lack thereof) that I've been making on my knitting.

Yesterday I unknit about 1200 yards of Zephyr from the gauge swatch shawl from forever ago. I did get it all knit and cast off, but it's squarer than would be ideal for its actual size, so I decided to reclaim the yarn. Amusing how much faster it came out than it went in. Maybe I'll do something with it this summer. Then again, maybe not.

In the spinning front, I'm still working on the yellow wool and soysilk barberpole yarn that I'm making for the NWRSA swap. Yes, I realize that I'm very much pushing the deadline on this one. The conference (which I am not attending) is at the end of next month. At the moment, I have about 200 yards of roughly fingering weight yarn and am thinking that I can get the spinning wrapped up this week and start crocheting in classes. I do hope so.

My class knitting has been a pair of socks for Mary, in a lovely purple koigu. The cat has only chewed the yarn apart twice. Bad Kitten! Blessedly he likes the yarn better than the actual knit fabric. I'm going to try to get this first sock knit past the heel before I get home in May so that I can have her try it on. That said, I'm uncertain enough about the fit that I don't feel driven to get very much farther than the heel. Target finish date: end of this summer.

Tatami has languished in her bag for the last couple of weeks, but is definitely going to be finished this summer. Speaking of which, I've started packing. The knitting and sewing projects are all picked out and packed. Nothing has been packed by way of clothes or other so-called necessities, but I have the important stuff taken care of.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Still knitting

*pokes head up from the hole I apparently fell into*

I've been knitting...
Doing a fair bit of it, in fact. Mostly in class.
What I haven't been doing, is finishing anything.
I think..

There are tickles in my brain of things that I'm done knitting, though I don't know that I wove the ends in.
Ooh, and the two things that I finished and gave away to Kappa Psi (fraternity) brothers.
But mostly, I've just been knitting, and getting distracted and starting new projects.

On the needles currently:
2nd sock of the trecking socks that had the first sock finished 2.5 times before actually being satisfactory on iteration 3.
Purple Koigu socks for a friend at home.
Tatami from Sundara in a lovely blacked purple.
Various and sundry other projects in various stages of being completely forgotten.

(Happy Kat? You asked, I posted.. So, neah!)