Saturday, January 19, 2008

A is for Arisia

A year ago this weekend (well, last weekend, they moved the convention a week so it could fall across the three day weekend), I drove to Boston for a con, Arisia to be precise. I wanted to see a friend from Washington (state, not DC), who'd moved to Boston for college (a long time ago), and the convention sounded like fun.
Tcepsa popped up and said he'd be there, sent me his phone number and we decided to try to meet up over the weekend. He popped up while I was registering, and we spent pretty much the entire weekend together.
Insert a full year, the first 3 months of which were spent saying that we were looking for fun, a relationship, but not a serious one, the next three months of which I spent in Seattle (home for the summer) talking on the phone almost daily, and a conversation that started in early November regarding the symbolism we'd be laying into a pair of bracelets he was making for us (the conversation was put on hold when I asked "so is this something normal people would be symbolizing with a ring?" neither of us was ready to deal with the answer we both knew was most appropriate for that question). The conversation ended over Thanksgiving break this past year with us becoming engaged.

So, A is for Arisia. Where I met this boy.

They also have a wonderful stairwell which I do not (yet) have pictures of.