Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mobius Puppy Bed II

Earlier this year I had the brilliant idea to knit a 1.5 twist mobius out of silk garden. It didn't work out the way I wanted for the scarf I'd imagined, but I loved the colors. So I ripped it out, started over (twice) and made it into a puppy bed.
My roomate wants a pomeranian, so when the small puppy comes here to live, there will be a puppy that will fit in the bed. The current puppy is much too large to use this as a bed; it almost fits him as a hat!
I didn't post about it when I finished it (in March) because I was being mad at Blogger. I'm posting about it now because it went on a field trip last night. It came with to EastsideStitchers so someone could see how Silk Garden Felts. She thought it was wonderfully soft and would work for the felted bag she had in mind.
Mine will definitely work for a puppy bed despite being a little floppy. I should have expected that silk garden would not felt into a particularly sturdy fabric, as a matter of fact, I did. The sides are plenty sturdy, they're made out of Cascade 220 which felts wonderfully. The bottom is a gorgeous pinwheel of the silk garden, it just tends to buckle...
I think this could have been worked around by using the Cascade for the first inch or two of the bottom. That should have been enough to lend it some of the stability that it is currently lacking.


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