Sunday, July 24, 2005

Weaving the second fancy twill shawl

I am back at the loom again! I've had this project on the big loom (an 8 harness Macomber) since spring quarter 2003 when I did my last work at the UW. I've not made much time to work on it, mostly because the pattern as I was originally planning to weave it had a 400-some thread treadling repeat. Can you say ridiculous? It took me an excell sheet charted to each thread and a magnet board to keep track of it when I was doing the first portions during school and it just wasn't worth it to do it again.
So I decided not to do the second set of skirt panels at all. We hadn't been pleased with how the skirt worked up. It was gorgeous, but rather clunky due to the stabilizers we used to make sure the handwoven panels wouldn't fray. And the shawl with the complex twill panels was gorgeous, but not worth it.
So now, 2 years later, I've finally set myself down to weave just the center fancy twill for the entire length of this second shawl. I'll give the first one to my roomate as a reward for her never-ending patience. She's said more than once that if she didn't love me, she would have already mutinied and taken over the warp for another project. I'll keep this one for myself and everyone will be happy.
When this shawl is off the loom, she will have the rest of the warp, threaded as a simple pointed twill, to do whatever she wants with. Should be interesting. We were talking about making fabric for rennaisance faire garb or accessories. This may have changed, but I don't much care at the moment. I just want to conquer my second shawl.


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