Sunday, July 10, 2005

Corkscrew Scarf - Instant Gratification

At class last Thursday I started a Corkscrew Scarf from Teva Durham's Loop-d-Loop. I'm using the yarn she called for Berroco Quest in a lovely dark green. I had the forethought to photocopy the pattern and the instructions for short rows (as a reminder since it's been a while). What I didn't think to print out was the instructions for knitting backwards that I got from Southern Cross Knitting a couple months ago. With a row of just 10 stitches (less on the short rows), not having to turn the piece would have been very convenient.
But since I noticed this after I got to class, and I didn't bring an extra project, I just kept knitting turning it every couple of stitches. The yarn was not a dream to work with. It's a knitted tube of a fairly snaggy material, but the halo that it's supposed to have helps to hide the snags, but I found it best to be careful as I was forming each of the stitches.
Over the course of a 3 hour class, I got almost all of one ball finished. I'm pretty pleased, most of my projects aren't anywhere near this instant gratification. (for example I've been working for about a month on the feather and fan guage swatch that betrayed me in class on Tuesday, but more on that later)
On Friday I brought it with me to lunch with my parents and tried to work on it. Unfortunately my guage was off. I was quite a bit more relaxed and it showed in my guage. Since I can reasonably expect my next class to put me on edge I'll work on it on Tuesday and might even get it finished!


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