Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Eastside Stitchers and Black Sheep Bits

Went to Eastside Stitchers this evening. Worked on my feather and fan shawl again, had a problem with an oddity a couple rows prior. I have no idea how it got set up, but 3 sets in from one end, I was short a stitch and there was an odd interlacement. It turns out that the obvious problem was the missing stitch, but the one two stitches over was also out of whack and that's what caused the interlacement.
I'm finally getting better at reading lace! Huzzah!

In other knitting news, I've not played with anything that I got at Black Sheep yet. Probably over the weekend, when I'm taking a break from pharmacy school applications, I will do some Russian style supported spinning.

Using spindles from Skaska and as a result of Galina's wonderful explanations, I finally understand how to do supported spinning. She was very encouraging on Sunday when we stopped by to show her the spinning we'd done on Saturday evening after we left the Gathering for the evening. She said that we had the original overtwist amount (it should twist back on itself in 1.5" increments) and the plying amount (should be 12 twists per inch) about right in spots. It was nowhere near good enough to be really used in a high quality shawl, but it would probably be good enough for my first attempt at lace with handspun.
It's really nice to have a technique that's been giving me fits for over a year just "click".


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