Friday, June 10, 2005

Mystery StoleAlong V

Well, after two attempts at completing clue number two, I'm finished. Melanie said she might post clue 3 on Monday and I do rather hope she will. We're nowhere near two fifths done with this stole and since we only have 3 weeks left in the stole-along, I'm getting worried about my ability to keep up with the clues.

My first attempt at clue two was actually completed successfully. Then my roomate and I got into a discussion of the paired double decrease and how it was supposed to be made. So, I looked at my (finished) knitting, thought about leaving it the way it was and wondered how annoyed I'd be if I left this in place.

(edit: resize picture with left leaning double decrease and then put it back here. The one that was too big to fit right was bothering me, so now it's gone)

I decided it would annoy me quite a bit and that I should rip it (thank goodness for the lifeline that I placed at the end of clue one) and redo it with proper double decreases. So I replaced {slip one, k2tog, pass slipped stitch over} with {slip2tog, k1, pass slipped stitches over} and got this

(insert picture with current symmetrical double decrease here).

I'm much happier with what I have now. Fixing it was worth it.


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