Thursday, June 09, 2005

Not Much Knitting

I've done two knitting related things today.

First, I put together my secret pal's box of goodies (with my roommate's help). This is unabashedly a good thing. (And it was lots of fun too...).

Then, I annoyed my roommate by reading bits of the Yarn Harlot's archives at her without thinking to ask if I was interrupting something she had already started. I was. Now I'm hurt because I noticed she didn't want to be interrupted before she figured out how to ask me to stop and read them to her after she was done composing her email. I know it’s unreasonable to be hurt, but tell that to the little voice that says, "You were reading beautifully and it doesn't matter what she was doing, she should have wanted you to continue."
Please excuse me while I beat the little voice with a stick that says “she said it’s funny and wants me to read more later."
I'm back, it shut up.

But I don't really have anything more to say, so I'll sign off for now.

p.s. I hope my UFO's don't start writing me threatening letters


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