Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bussing and Knitting

Well, I'm still mostly just working on my feather and fan swatch. It's growing, but slowly. I spent most of the time at the Eastside SnB last night pulling out a row stitch by stitch looking for something that was missing a stitch. Eventually I found it and got to work forwards for a little while, but then the coffee-shop was closing and we had to pack up and go home.
I've made it into work on the bus two days this week, and I'm really enjoying not having to drive in rush hour. It takes me a bit longer to get in (just over an hour instead of 30-45 minutes (or an hour if traffic's particularly bad)), but I'm not driving! This makes me very happy.
If I can keep it up the bus pass will have been worth it. If not,.. nevermind, that's not an option I like.
Still no pictures. The school applications are posted so I don't really have much extra time for running around on the web. I need to get my academic life history typed onto someone else's forms. Whee! In fact, I'm off to do that now!


At 10:46 AM, Anonymous christine said...

I LOVED Bonfanti Garden!!! It was sooo beautiful, I was in absolute amazement over everything and in awe when I got to thinking how much time, care and upkeep it must take to keep it that way! If I could, I'd have my yard modeled after it! And all the topiaries! Ahhh, I was in love!
So it's the same one your aunt works at??
And Art FIbers... You should definitely make a trek down to San Francisco one of these days, it's truly worth it!! The place is AMAZING! It's upstairs, so you have to keep your eyes peeled for it. Lily and I actually ended up parking RIGHT IN FRONT of it (on accident!). Word to the wise, while we didn't get a ticket, we only put a half hour into the meter.. We were there WAY longer than that! I'd suggest at least an hour and a half!


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