Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sockapaloooza Socks

Almost finished..
Just the last little bits of the toes to knit and the ends to weave in and I will be ready to ship my socks out to their new home on May 2nd.
I really hope they fit.

As a break from my sock pal socks, I decided to make Peacock's pal a pair of baby socks when she decided that she needed another back-up plan. Since it's looking like she'll get her new pair completed in good time we're seriously thinking about keeping them as mementos rather than sending them off with their coordinating full-sized counterparts. Then again, maybe I should make a third one and we can each keep one...
The peacock, her sock pal and me (sung to the tune of 'the red queen, the white queen, and me' from Alice Through the Looking Glass)
So I spent some time knitting on these lovely little baby socklets. I think they're destined to be Christmas ornaments as I don't even have a teddy bear that could wear these.

They work up so quickly that I'm sorely tempted to make a whole slough of them for Christmas presents. However I'm reasonably sure that urge will pass quickly.

At Knit'n'Knuth last week we had our first mini-workshop. Peacock and I showed anyone who was interested how to make miniature socks. We figured this was the perfect introduction as they could be mostly completed in an evening rather than having a significant quantity of simple circular knitting before even starting turning the heel. So there've been a lot of baby socks being birthed around here lately.


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