Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sock Yarn is Yellow

I got my Project Spectrum sock yarn exchange yarn in the mail from Karen.

I came home and saw a package sitting by the door. When I picked it up to see who it was addressed to, I almost had a heart attack.
My last name is exactly one letter different from one of my ex's and she misspelled it just right (fyi - mine starts with a 'z'). I didn't recognize the return address and was worried that he'd listed me as a relative for some unknown reason (This is not a completely unfounded fear, I got a call from a bank about a year back asking if I'd be a reference for the purposes of issuing him a loan. I politely refused).
The second option was that there was a type-o somewhere along the line and this was an exchange package, so I opened it up and found this:

The yarn is knitpicks dye-your-own, the dye is Kool-Aid
(I've misplaced the tag that said which colors were used)
I wound the hank into a ball and found the color striping wonderfully around the edges of the ball.

However, since the first ball was wound tighter than I enjoy working from, I re-wound it.
Look closely at the two pictures and absorb this lesson in how gauge affects the appearance of varegated yarn. The second picture is a lot more representative of how I hope the socks will look once they're knitted up. I like having all the colors mixed in with each other, in a wonderful mixed field of color.


At 9:18 AM, Blogger Karen said...

I'm so sorry my misspelling caused such a stir! Glad you liked the yarn, though. I don't know if it will be allover varigated like you hope, it will probably be more of the striping variety. So glad to have been your pal this go around!

At 7:59 AM, Blogger Peacock said...

And see, I'd hope for the stripeyness of the first picture!


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