Thursday, April 06, 2006

Contest - Flamingos are Pink

During March I posted a contest involving this picture:

I asked what the pink critters were and got a solid handful of correct responses.
Mary, Tracey, Vanessa, Laurie, and Trek all correctly supposed that they were flamingos.
Peacock took the picture when she was in Africa on a vacation a year or so before I met her, but was kind enough to share the picture with me.

Trek and Vanessa were the ones selected to win and will each be receiving a box of fluff in the mail.

This is one of them. Peacock carded it up for me out of mostly new zealand wool (we think it's correidale) with just a little bit of plastic glitz (probably not angelina, but pretty none-the-less).

Here's the other one, it's also mostly new zealand wool with a bit of plastic glitz, some angelina, and just a smidge of a merino silk blend added because it was a fabulous pink color. It's quite fascinating how much the merino silk blend changes the hand of the entire poof.

I'll leave who gets which one as a suprise for the recipients' mailboxes.
Thank you all for playing!


At 5:47 PM, Blogger trek said...

Oh my gosh! the one with the silk in it is luscious on my monitor.

Thanks, bethieee!!!

At 1:25 PM, Blogger Peacock said...

I really enjoyed carding them up for you! .. it was quite a challenge, really, trying to get a "flamingo pink" out of the particular colors I had available that day! I'm pleased with the results--they're definitely "pink" .. though they conjure up fuschias, not flamingos!

The trip to Africa was in the summer of 2000. One of the two trips I've ever taken that needed a passport! (but soon you'll be able to add Canada border crossings to that list! sigh)

A flock of flamingos that large, congregating in a valley, is *LOUD* unbelievable loud! So is a lion's roar. .. and a herd of hippos bellowing. .. actually, for four days or so we were camped along a river bend next to a hippo wallow. The first morning I was awakened at dawn by the tuba-like sounds of the happy hippos! .. the next two mornings I slept quite contentedly through the racket.. but the Fourth morning I woke bolt upright: By the silence. No happy hippo tubas! ... it was a chilling silence after all the myriad sounds of the wildlife for three weeks! ... and then the laughing of a pack of hyenas victorious from a hunt. .. and the sounds of the hippos, etc started to return.


so many experiences on that trip I could probably fill a month's worth of blog posts.. maybe more than that considering the trip itself was nearly a month long and I think there was at least one interesting event each day!

Flamingos are LOUD! really loud.


At 11:34 AM, Blogger Emma said...

Mmm, big fluffy pink cloud, like cotton candy. It's lovely!


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