Thursday, September 08, 2005

Secret Pal - Package 5

In addition to being a lame blogger,
I'm a lame secret pal.
I have no idea how long ago I received this package from my secret pal, I know it was a while ago because I emailed her to ask where her blog was and what kind of yarn she'd sent and she's replied and I'm reading her blog 'regularly'. This means it's been at least a week with no public acknowledgement.
Shame On Me!
As I feel pennance is due, I will offer the best that I can possibly give.
My secret pal has the honor of providing the subject of the very first pictures I posted on my blog.

Her package contained this:

Obviously a red-themed package, there was a red pencil box, a couple skeins of red laceweight yarn from handpainted yarn, and a red cloth zipper pouch.

Inside these packages were:

Mousey cookies! Fun chopsticks, silly stitch markers and very small bamboo single-pointed needles... And two more zipper pouches, one black with kanji and one the same fabric as the largest.

No sooner had I opened the pencil box, than the mousey cookies tried to escape. It seems they knew what was going to happen to them. They're all gone now...

Oh, and since this was the last box, I know who my secret pal is. Her blog is over at Way Past My Bedtime, and making this an amusingly small world, I was spoiling the person that was spoiling her!


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