Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Boring Knitting

My knitting is boring me. That's not really accurate. Some of my knitting is boring me, some of it is frustrating me.
Peacock's Clapitis is too big to carry around and knit on in the summer. (and besides I made a mistake about 2 inches ago and I'll need to rip it back) The biggest problem is that I really want to finish it off before I start my Stitch Ya Neck Out scarf. I thought that since I was already at the point where you turn the corner to start the decrease rows I would be finished by the end of this week. That appears to be a pipe dream.
The second sock has a half a heel. It also needs to be ripped out, I messed it up, I think I forgot to pick one set of bars up, so it'll need to be pulled back to the point where the heel turns and re-done. Not a big deal, but more complicated than I'm up to doing on the bus, so no progress there in the last couple days either.
My feather and fan swatch is sitting neglected in a bag in the corner. It's done nothing wrong (or if it has, it's been long enough that I've forgotten what I'll need to fix).
Those are the projects that I've worked on recently enough to mention. There are more. Many, many, many more... When I actually do a photo inventory of my stash, there will be pictures and descriptions of mountains of unfinished projects with guesses as to how old they are. Some of them might need to be carbon-dated.


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