Sunday, August 14, 2005

Secret Pal 5 - Package 4

I got home on Saturday from a hike with my parents and the puppy to find a package on my porch. It was a box from my secret pal with a copy of Knitting on the Edge and Invader Zim episode 2 in it. My secret pal is wonderful!

The hike with the puppy was wonderful. My folks had wanted to go to Rainier but I wanted to bring Zhenya along and pups aren't allowed except on paved roads. So we went looking for puppy friendly hikes and I found this lovely site: We went up to Twin Falls State Park where we took a roughly 2 hour hike and turned it into a leisurely 3 hour stroll (with hills), met lots of other puppies and saw the waterfalls from all three lookouts. Zhenya also communed with the river. We have determined that, while Zhenya is not afraid of water, he has little inclination to swim. Instead, he did what he always does, which is lie down at my feet. My father has pictures; I need to get them from him. At any rate, the puppy walked calmly into the river as far as his legs would reach the bottom and then he lay down in the water calm quiet and cooler than he had been a few minutes prior. It was HOT over the weekend; I do not blame the puppy at all for wanting to cool off in the river. For that matter, he did pretty much the same thing in a large-ish puddle/rivulet by the side of the trail, once going up and once coming down.


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