Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Pair of Sock

Well, the sock that I started at the Yarn Harlot's presentation has been completed. It's a little ankle sock, my first. We'll see if I like hand-made ankle socks any better than the commercial version once I finish it's girlfriend. I'm continuing the little self delusion that these two socks are in fact two sets of one sock and so far it seems to be working... or maybe it's just that by not making a cuff I've cut the amount of labor per sock in half. Whatever works, right?

One of the stories I promised you from Thursday, is that, as you all know, I decided to start a sock project as the take-along for the Yarn Harlot's talk. I started it as we waited for an hour before they let us upstairs. I knit through the entire talk. I had my sock prominently in my hand for every picture taken of me at the event. I got it quite a bit of knitting done on it. My sock got to see her sock firts hand. And here's the kicker: I did not realize how much a groupie I'd feel until we were leaving and I looked at my roomate and practically swore. I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed until then that the Yarn Harlot's sock probably had something to do with my deciding I had to have a sock for that afternoon. I feel quite the follower.


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