Thursday, August 04, 2005

Yarn Harlot is in town..

And I'm cutting class to go see her this evening at Weaving Works! Whee!!
I'll take my knitting in (of course) and work on something small... Maybe a new pair of sock?
Yes, that's right, a new pair of (singular) sock. I always start off with the intention of finishing two of them and it just never quite happens. This time, I'm avoiding the pressure of finishing the second sock by defining them as two separate projects; we'll see how that works.
And so here I am thinking about starting yet another project. Is this because I need more projects? No, it's not. It's because I am in that unfortunate place in all my projects where I want to start a different one because they're inconvenient.
The mystery shawl is obvious.. I'm still not done and, more importantly, it's not public knitting.
The feather and fan swatch is annoying me. Seems like every time I pick it up there's a new mistake for me to fix.
And the clapotis is a bit too big and wooly for me to work on when it's this warm.
So I'm probably going to start a new project.


At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You lucky truant! I am ever so jealous! Are you in one of the audience pictures? Did you meet the sock? They say he's taller in person :)


At 11:53 PM, Blogger bethieee said...

I did get to meet the sock. Much fun was had and cake! It was Weaving Work's 30th aniversary.


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