Monday, September 05, 2005

Typewriter Angels

Today Peacock and I went to Office Depot to try to find a cartridge for her typewriter. It's application time, the once every 4 or 5 year ordeal where I actually need a typewriter, and her's work, but didn't have a ribbon. Office Depot didn't have a ribbon either.
When Peacock pointed at the demo model and said, "You could use theirs.."
I replied, "I don't think the management would be very amused."
The salesperson that was helping us said I wouldn't be the first, that they find it very amusing when people do it, and that they're there as demo models so people can use them, fall in love with one and take it home.
While I sincerely doubt that I'll be falling in love with one and taking it home, it was very useful to have somewhere to go get my typing finished up before tomorrow morning. After that I spent too much time and too much money doing the bi-weekly grocery run, including a stop by PCC, came back home and did quite a bit more application stuff.
My reward for a day spent doing application stuff and house maintenance? I spent the evening with Peacock making Angel Boxes for SP5. We got a couple more people who needed Angels on Friday. And since it would be a cryin' shame to put all the neat stuff into a box just to have it eaten by the postal service for wont of a correct address, their boxes will go out as soon as we've verified their addresses.


At 2:12 PM, Blogger Woolgathered said...

I LOVE YOU! The stitch markers are unbelieveable! So pretty!

Thank you so much for being my angel!!


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