Sunday, September 04, 2005

Evergreen State Fair

Yesterday we went to the Evergreen State Fair. We spent some time with Peacock's parents and met a bunch of interesting people at the handspinning department's demonstration area. They told us there was a spin-in planned for today and removed my primary reservation about it by letting us know that they provided free entry and parking for participants. Even better, if we signed up for a demonstration shift we could get Peacock's parents in too.
The day went fabulously. The spin-in was a large tent full of people and spinning wheels with door prizes for everyone. The fiber that we were lusting after (from Great Balls of Fiber and a couple others) was chosen fairly quickly, so Peacock and I got some fun soaps (from The Soap Lady) and two containers of honey (from The Beez Neez). When there were no names left in the bucket, there were still prizes on the table, so they put all the names back in and started again.
Shortly after the door prizes, Peacock's mom decided she wanted a spinning lesson and we started her spinning on a CD spindle with a puff of free fiber. At four o'clock we headed into the display area to demo for the remainder of the afternoon. It was rather surreal being behind a fence and having people walk up and talk about you. Some of the children talked to us, asking questions, but mostly they talked from parent to child without engaging us at all.
I spent the day spinning out of a 4 ounce bag of blue sparkly wool, Bountiful's Alpine Meadow Fiber color Storm Clouds. (I got it when I got my wheel, I guess it's been discontinued since then since I can't find a photo on the site.) When my hands and back got tired of spinning, I switched to knitting on my StitchYaNeckOut scarf. I'm not very far into it, but am finding the pattern relatively easy to read.
And practically before we knew it the day was over and the other ladies were telling us we should go get the car before they closed the gates and we had to carry our wheels all the way out. It was a long walk, that would have been very inconvenient.
Many of the women there belong to the NWRSA, and we were encouraged to the Snohomish area's meeting next month. Unless something comes up, we'll be there.


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