Sunday, September 18, 2005

Second Clapotis - Finished

I finally got around to finishing my second clapotis. The knitting's been done for a week or two and I only just got around to weaving the ends in last night.

Peacock wore it to the NWRSA meeting this afternoon and decided that shawls are greatly superior to sweatshirts. Particularly on days when it's just a little bit cool shawls are superior because they restrict her range of motion less and allow fine tuning of temperature.

The first clapotis has become an office staple for me for similar reasons.

I wear it draped when I'm walking around, and my CircleWorks hair barette makes a wonderful clasp.

However, I find that when I'm sitting at a chair it's much more convenient to tie the ends behind my back.

I'm thinking that it would be useful to figure out how to shape something similar to this. I like the fact that it covers my arms and shoulders and not the middle of my back or the front. I've been thinking to try to create something that works similarly without the knot at the back. It is possible that a properly sized mobius (a la Cat Bordhi) could do the trick, but I haven't had the time to work something up to find out.

It's amazing to me the difference in feel between the two shawls. Peacock's is Mountain Goat on size nine needles, mine is Bearfoot sock yarn on size eights. Hers feels like it would keep you warm on a winter night, mine is best suited for combatting a slightly overzealous air conditioner. The dimensions are almost exactly identical yet hers feels much more substantial. I suppose I really shouldn't be suprised. Mine is exactly two skeins of sock yarn, hers just over 3 skeins of worsted...


At 8:21 PM, Anonymous Rox said...

LOVE it!! I sooo want to try the clapotis...but every time I start and read along in the pattern it makes me nervous.

Maybe... just maybe... you have motivated me.

Maybe. :)

At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That looks fab! The color looks wonderful!

Your Secret Pal


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