Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I've Been Betrayed!

All of my knitting betrayed me over the weekend.
I left town and took three projects with me and not a single one of them cooperated for the entire weekend.
First the noro multidirectional scarf that I started because it would be good brainless knitting for my trip to Pullman. It was, I ripped it out many times over the course of the weekend because I couldn't count, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was that I ran out of yarn.
My sock, the green one that has had a heel flap twice now and still has not had its picture taken also came with on the trip. It was being difficult so I put it away for the evening. I noticed today that the newest attempt at a heel flap is on 90 degrees off from the toe AND I forgot to put in the gusset. I think this sock is cursed and I'm ripping it out and will get back to it... Later!
Forbes Forest was the least problematic of the evening, and the one I spent time working on for the rest of the movie. With it I'd merely forgotten one bobble row a repeat back and had to rip an inch. Not so bad and it's fixed now, I'm just thinking about putting it onto a provisional cast off and blocking it so I can see how it will settle out. I'm thinking maybe the minor tension wierdnesses are going to get me to rip this one out completely and start over after getting help from someone that knows more than I do.
I've been betrayed.
It looks like ball number two of the multidirectional scarf will be accompanying me to knit 'n' knuth tomorrow. Bother. I'd wanted to be working on the cabled one.


At 12:33 AM, Blogger J's Girlfriend said...

Just wanted to say I really like your blog!

I've been knitting since I was a kid, but have slacked off over the past year or so for various reasons. Feeling more inspired now, maybe I should try and finish off one of the numerous projects littered around the house. It's very therapeutic.

Good luck with the three difficult ones; they're like characters in a novel you're writing; eventually they'll talk to ya.


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