Saturday, September 17, 2005

SET - Received

The doorbell rang this morning and, expecting a notary, we all scrambled to get dressed, run downstairs, and answer the door.

Instead of a notary, I had a package!

Inside that package were 4 parcels wrapped with cute wrapping paper and shredded white paper as filler. (I need to remember that shredded documents can be used to fill empty space in boxes. We have lots of paper that could be shredded and it worked suprisingly well!)

Opening the parcels, I found a lavender and chamomile lotion and body spray, a creme brulee candle in a can (it says it's a vanila caramel scented candle, I respectfully, um... agree?), and a pair of socks!

I love them. They're a blue mercerized cotton by Patons (and I don't want to go find the label which my knitter was kind enough to provide for me. They have a ruffle at the top which reminds me of the fold down anklets little kids wear, only bigger. The foot of the socks is constructed in the most unique method I have ever seen...

It's seamed, but more than that, it's seamed around the edges of the sole and there's even a little gusset sewn in at the base of the heel. They're fabulous!!! Now if only I could get them into my shoes... Bother!


At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Purly Whites said...

How interesting! They are very cute.


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